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Lightanimation for one 100W bulb (divided one minute with the golden ratio) – Sololala Festival Berlin

stage with bulb matrix (photo: Gregor Holtz)

Open call from Rut Waldeyer and Florian Bach via LCedit mailinglist

In frame of the the Sololala Festival which will happen from the 2nd to 6th december in the Sopiensaele in Berlin, we are planning to call Lanbox user around the world to a light design contribution for our 64 Solo Bulb Matrix.

The Sololala Festival will present 5 Saxophonists (Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Thomas Ankersmith, Antoine Chessex,…) and 5 Works of Alvin Lucier performed by Antonia Baehr, Fernanda Farah, Yvonne Harder, Adeline Rosenstein and Steffi Weismann, every evening a double feature of performance and solo saxophone.

As a light design for the whole festival we will us an object hanged over the stage made out of 8×8 100w standard E27 bulbs organised in a 5 x 5 m square grid.

We would like to call the Lanbox user’s to take part to this project by writing a solo for one bulb. Please send us a 1 channel Cuelist up to maximum 98 steps.
Only one limitation is asked: the bulb intensity mus’nt be higher than 70% (180 in 16bits).
Time and action are completely free.

other participants:
Peter Freeman (UK), Jan Fedinger (FI/NL), Maika Knoblich (D), Jan van Giesel (B), Conrad Noack (D), Mona Jas (D), Bruno Pocheron (D), Florian Bach & Rut Waldeyer (D)