Competition Neons FMAC Geneve

The concept of the piece is to combines the word with a specific font (Museo Sans) and a visual appearance that supports the word in its meaning. And on the other hand makes absolutely clear that this word is not an commercial advertising.
The support and the difference is the light level spread out by the piece. While an advertising is normally as bright as possible this piece isn’t. The meaning to be completely “mou” or  “á plat” forces the sign to glow on a minimal – but viewable – level.

By installing only one strip of neon inside the letters (normally 2-3 lines) the piece will be  on a reasonable visibility level during the night, but will never compete with the other  signs installed around the Plaine de Plainpalais.

The simple and beautiful word seems to come directly out of a comic in its onomatopoeic
form – but is in fact much older. The oldest source in literature (according to “le Trésor de la Langue Française”) is the book ” Ces bons docteurs!” written by Gyp (Sibylle Gabrielle Marie Antoinette Riqueti de Mirabeau) in 1892.